Cosmetics set, filthy capitalist edition

I made another one, and if I hadn’t hung on to enough of this fabric to make myself a tote I would have a hard time selling it (which I am. I hope.). I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve this IKEA “Patricia” fabric.

I lined them with a strange but cool bronzey sort of duochrome taffeta that’s the perfect foil to the gray and mustard.

Dresser transformation

I don’t have a workshop. In good weather, I have a picnic table in the backyard and a tangle of extension cords. In bad weather, I have a 5×7′ porch, a porchlight and a tangle of extension cords.

I don’t have precision woodworking tools. I don’t even have a table saw. I have an inexpensive miter saw, a downright cheap circular saw, a drill, a brad gun and a palm sander.

Given these limitations I am extremely pleased with my latest project. I turned this:

into this.

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hand-scribbled card in blue ballpoint pen reading "crap"

I’ve been making stuff, including finishing my queen size platform bed, but I lost my camera on my vacation at the beach. Therefore, posting of handmade goodness is temporarily clogged in the tubes.