Plaid blouse

So I’m super excited about this. I finally learned to sew a master bodice pattern that fits me correctly, and I made a blouse! Continue reading


hand-scribbled card in blue ballpoint pen reading "crap"

I’ve been making stuff, including finishing my queen size platform bed, but I lost my camera on my vacation at the beach. Therefore, posting of handmade goodness is temporarily clogged in the tubes.

Anda Dress

I sewed up BurdaStyle’s #7969 Anda Dress last week. I was dubious because it’s so clearly a pattern of the “pillowcase with holes cut for the head and arms and elastic around the waist” category, but enough people on the Interwebs swear up and down that it’s really cute, honest, and I saw enough decent-looking pics of it that I thought maybe it would be okay despite the utterly horrific Burda promo photo.

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Salvage stepstool

Today I wanted to take a break from larger projects and make a “quick small project” so I built a stepstool. It was a good lesson in how a “small project” isn’t necessarily a small undertaking, especially when you factor in using new skills or tools. To make my little stepstool I ended up hauling out my miter saw, circular saw, drill and power sander, on top of giving both my jigsaw and Kreg Jig a first whirl. It took all day and made a huge mess. Still, it’s a cute stool, and making it only cost me a buck or so for screws and sandpaper. Continue reading