Again with the projecting.

The new house has meant lots and lots of stuff what I made and am still making. This Flickr Album will get you up to speed, should you care. Semiregular updates will resume shortly.



Cosmetics set, filthy capitalist edition

I made another one, and if I hadn’t hung on to enough of this fabric to make myself a tote I would have a hard time selling it (which I am. I hope.). I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve this IKEA “Patricia” fabric.

I lined them with a strange but cool bronzey sort of duochrome taffeta that’s the perfect foil to the gray and mustard.

Anda Dress

I sewed up BurdaStyle’s #7969 Anda Dress last week. I was dubious because it’s so clearly a pattern of the “pillowcase with holes cut for the head and arms and elastic around the waist” category, but enough people on the Interwebs swear up and down that it’s really cute, honest, and I saw enough decent-looking pics of it that I thought maybe it would be okay despite the utterly horrific Burda promo photo.

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