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Dresser renovation

One of the perks of moving into a larger house was the prospect of room for my very own dresser (after 13 years of sharing one with the mister), so I got snappy with Craigslist. Continue reading


China hutch, redux

One of the projects that consumed a lot of time and energy was the china hutch for the new house. Which was the same as the china hutch for the old house, except, since we actually have a dining room now, not.

Remember the first time I redid it? It ended up like this.

china hutch after long shot

I wanted a china cabinet with doors on it for the new dining room, and I knew it would have to go with the distinctly modern slant the room would have. I browsed Craigslist for midcentury hutches and thought about building a new one, but those options ended up being ruled out by budget and energy constraints, respectively. So my mission became to de-emphasize my old hutch’s extremely country-styled roots as much as possible.

I gave it a new paint job using my Critter Sprayer (let me digress: I love that thing. The mister gave it to me for Valentine’s day — aw yeah, he knows how to woo me — and it was flat out amazing to use both for this and my kitchen cabinet repainting. Worth. Every. Cent) and swapped out all the rustic hardware for sleek nickel.

the same china cabinet as before but with doors reattached to the top half, a crisp new white paint job and shiny nickel hardware. it is filled with vintage-modern dishes and glassware.I’m very pleased! It’s certainly come a long way. I think it looks cool and crisp and will nicely merge the 1906 Craftsman bones of the house with my modern dining chairs and pendant lamp. Neither of which I have set up yet … but that’s the way it goes.