Dresser renovation

One of the perks of moving into a larger house was the prospect of room for my very own dresser (after 13 years of sharing one with the mister), so I got snappy with Craigslist. I knew I wanted something clean-lined, modern, but different, and the drawer fronts on this one grabbed me.

modern dresser with ugly brown finish sitting in the backyardWhat this picture does not adequately express is that someone deliberately perpetrated, on this perfectly innocent dresser, a finish that made the wood look like cheap, fake laminate even though it was not.

closeup of ugly, fake-looking wood finishI stripped the box down, stained it a warm shade, and gave the drawers a white paint job.

the same dresser asbefore but it has been refinished and repainted. it has a picture propped on it reading "so many of my smiles begin with you", some jewelry boxes and a vase of flowers.The picture is a DIY as well, a painted landscape canvas I found at one of my favorite junk stores. It was a very bad painting so I didn’t feel bad covering it up. I used vinyl letters to spell out the phrase, then spray painted the whole thing white. When I peeled the letters off, the effect was a reverse stencil.



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