China hutch

It’ been kind of “My Stuff What I Wore” around here but here’s a slightly more butch project. Only slightly mind you, because I didn’t build it.

(Still in two pieces because I wasn’t about to throw my back out assembling it just for a before photo.) We bought it for a song on craigslist, and then I proceeded to rip some guts out of it, turning it into an open hutch with smooth lower faces (I was NOT going to keep that lattice clean). And of course a new paint job.

It replaced a set of wire Metro shelves in the kitchen. The top is a great place for my small collection of Pyrex and enamelware as well as cooking utensils and canisters:

And the bottom is where the cookie sheets, giant tub of soap and various other kitchen uglies go. The drawers hold cloth napkins and kitchen towels, which no longer get crumbs or dust on them:

I … don’t hate it? My first impression when I assembled it was that it looked exactly like a bookshelf balanced on top of a buffet. But it fits in well — despite being quite a bit larger than the old shelves and with more space, it has a lot less visual bulk.

By request, some photos of my collection.

(Half of a set of Cathrineholm in wonderful shape that I bought for $3. $3. $3! I also have a large dutch oven and saute pan that live over my stove.)

The cat is enjoying the new hutch too:


8 thoughts on “China hutch

    • I remember Mom having a Cinderella bowl, I think, exactly like my avocado green one. She did tell me that she had the whole set at one point, but they broke. I think she said her smaller bowls were harvest gold and red. (Mine isn’t truly a set, the bowls have different patterns.)

      • I only remember her green one…the gold and orange/red bowls I remember were the Tupperware ones that matched the tall cups she had. A few weeks ago, Chris and I were at Swapper’s Days in Johnstown and I saw a juice glass and pitcher set, with orange slices on them, and suddenly I was 6 or 7 years old again 🙂 I was amazed at the strength of emotion seeing those evoked in me! Do you remember those?

  1. No, I think those must have been before my time. I’ve seen pitchers like that at the thrift and so on but they didn’t look familiar.

    The tupperware bowls were the ones with the spout and handle, right? I think by the time I came along she only had one of those too (the one she bathed baby Ken in) but you could be right, she could have been telling me about that set.

    • The Tupperware bowls I remember are in a rounded square top with an accordion like lid (called a sunburst lid) and came in yellow, orange , avocado and one other color (I guess it was brown) and they had handles but no spout. I tried to attach a picture, but couldn’t. But if you search Tupperware bowl early 70s you can find a picture….wow, looking this stuff up is throwing me back in time!!!!

      • Nope, those I don’t remember. I remember the Tupperware pitcher and the tiny set of kids’ pitcher and cups. I have a small avocado bowl like that, though, probably got it at a yard sale or something, no lid. Now I know to be on the lookout for lids.

      • Now I’m upset I didn’t pick up that pitcher and glasses! Oh well…..the lids are out there, but as with everything retro, they’re pricier than they used to be. I seem to remember them re-issuing those bowls recently, probably not in the same colors, but that’s also worth a shot!

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