Plaid blouse

So I’m super excited about this. I finally learned to sew a master bodice pattern that fits me correctly, and I made a blouse!

Actually, what I had planned to make was a cute retro shirt-collar blouse in plaid to wear with jeans for going to the state fair and, next month, the pumpkin patch. I needed a cute retro plaid shirt-collar blouse for these things, was what I convinced myself. Only I didn’t get the memo that goes “when you are drafting a shirt collar blouse do not cut the neck hole any bigger than snug to the neck”. It looked ludicrous, even with my lovingly drafted and adorable collar, and I had to change my plans tout de suite. So I chopped the neckhole even bigger, made it square for interest, and gave it a French binding. I thought it was pretty boring until I tried it on with a black pencil skirt. Shirt collar no, cute retro plaid yes.

The fabric is soft, light lawn or voile that I bought at a yard sale in a pile of other yardage. My master bodice pattern is Colette Patterns’ Sorbetto top, given a full bust adjustment and some other tweaks to make it closer fitting and more of a sloper than a tank.


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