Tea towels? Kitchen towels? Hand towels? I suppose, being the slightest bit cutesy, they would be tea towels.

The main fabric is some nice salvaged cotton from a cushion cover, which in turn is from an estate sale. I freehanded the applique shapes onto paper (using the fold-in-the-middle method for the pear and lemon because they’re symmetrical shapes) in exactly the size I wanted them, and then traced the paper with added allowance for folding under. I find that works best to get a nice shape with even allowances.

A little hand basting, a little steam pressing, a little Elmer’s Glue Stik and I was able to passably machine stitch them onto the towels. I think this is the first time I’ve machine-stitched applique (unless you count patches on kids’ pants).

The pear is my favorite. I’m toying with adding a tiny hand stitched detail to each of them (French knot eye on the bird, backstitch stem on the pear, seed stitch at one pointy end of the lemon) but probably I will leave them minimalist. I was trying to avoid the country-cute look.

I was thinking that with bought floursack towels, these would make an easy and nice holiday gift.


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