Bit of skirt

I love this skirt and even though there was nothing salvaged or secondhand in it, it cost me 15 dollars to make, all told. Fifteen. One five. Awesome.

Note to self: next time someone else takes the photo for you, tell them to hunker down level with your lower half so you don’t look like Godzilla.

I used this fabric, which I bought on eBay. I’m really thinking of making one in the other available colorway since I like this one so much. One yard was plenty and I am by no means a skinny minnie; it’s 58 inches wide,which is about one and a half times my desired skirt waist (so the 36 inches became the length of the skirt). If you have a bigger waist you may need to buy more than one yard and seam. It’s a soft jersey knit and I could wish for something a little more substantial, but this is a nice summer weight and goes with a T-shirt if I so desire or a more girly top and heeled sandals.

Jersey can be uncooperative without a serger, but pressing with lots of spray starch helped keep it under control. The skirt has no shaping, I simply sewed the yard of fabric into a tube short edges together. I used this tutorial for a covered elastic waistband — a first for me — and used lace hem tape and many many fussy hand stitches to make a blind hem, another first. Since I didn’t want a skirt the full 36 inches long, it was no problem to trim off several inches of the length and use that to cover my waistband. After the waistband was attached I measured the skirt length I wanted, pressed up the hem allowance, attached the lace tape, and stitched the hem. I made the hem 3″ deep to help add weight to the skirt, but I thought that a lettuce hem would also have been pretty; I just wanted a more tailored look. Machine blind stitch probably would have worked fine too.

A bit of leg. Well, strictly speaking a bit of knee.


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