Cosmetics set

I’m super proud of this one. I only had to screw up about 5 attempts (poor fabric selection, screwy zippers, wrong sizing) before I turned out a set that not only is the right size for traveling with my stuff but also looks like I could have bought it somewhere expensive.

modern gray and white print cosmetic bag and brush roll

My goal was to use as much stuff I already had as possible, so the total cost for this set was $5.21 for matching zipper and thread (the matching thread really made the look). The gray fabric was scraps of IKEA Kasjastina, which they tragically no longer carry; the lining was scraps from a couple of vintage faux-linen tablecloths in jadeite mint green. I interlined the bag with scraps of thick flannel.

I used up almost all the mint green thread quilting the everloving bejesus out of the linings and adding an interior single welt pocket on either side of the bag. I’m getting to where I can do welt pockets in my sleep, although this fabric was tricky to work with (and look, I forgot to rub off the pencil markings. derp).

bag open to show mint green lining quilted in rows with a welt pocketbrush roll unrolled to show mint green quilted lining edged in gray and filled with several brushes

I even made a wee little matching pouch for packing perfume decants, but looking at it now I think it might not fit the Daiso travel atomizers I would probably use.

small quilted gray pouch with a nickel snap

Now I just need somewhere swank to travel with them.


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