Osoberry Bag

I’d been cramming my crochet projects into an old corduroy bag that was much too small, and I knew I needed to find or make something roomier, so when I found this Osoberry Bag tutorial at Whip Up, I knew it was meant to be.

tote bag in mint green and teal with large front pockets and a droopy top

I made the body and lining of the bag from a mint-green linen-look tablecloth I found at a yard sale last year. I didn’t know what I was going to use it for, just that it was vintage and cheap and the color was growing on me. The trim and pockets are leftover fabric I ordered to use in the charm quilt I’m working on. (Some people might order fabric to use in other projects and use the scraps to make a quilt, but apparently not me.) They were the only fabrics in my stash to coordinate with the mint-green tablecloth.

welt pocket sewn with contrasting fabrics

I’m proudest of the interior welt pocket, which I opted for over the patch pocket the Osoberry pattern calls for, and which I made with the help of Splatgirl’s fabulous tutorial. I added the tailor’s pleat to eliminate sagging, because the pocket is the perfect size for my wallet, which is heavy, and I didn’t want to mess with the Osoberry’s lovely droopy top. And I even spliced my fabrics so the welt trim is my contrast trim fabric and the welt interior is my primary trim.

bottom view of teal and mint green bag showing quilting detail

The pattern calls for reinforcing the bottom of the bag with lines of quilting. I really like this both functionally and for the texture it creates. I did the quilting and topstitching with heavyweight gray thread, both because it helped tie in the darker contrast trim and because the point was supposed to be to use what I had around, not buy new matching thread.

The bag is perfect for crochet; it has plenty of room for a bulky project or a few extra skeins of yarn, the pockets can hold hooks, patterns or stuff like my cell phone, and I can still throw a water bottle and a snack or a book in there. I have some beautiful salvaged gray herringbone flannel and some other grays I think would go well with it, and I plan to make another Osoberry for more everyday use.


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